The European Language Cloud, or How to Enable Multilingual Europe

Multilingualism is a core value of the European Union, as integral to Europe as the freedom of movement, the freedom of residence, and the freedom of expression. The European Charter of Fundamental Rights, which enshrines the foundational rights and freedoms protected in the EU, upholds a respect for cultural, religious, and also linguistic diversity as a cornerstone of European policy.

Over the Hurdle of Multilingualism to Global Leadership

The Digital Single Market (DSM) has been declared a European priority by the European Commission. Rightfully so! Software eats everything and particularly eCommerce is enjoying dramatic growth rates and thus heavy investment. VP Andrus Ansip  has nicely summarized the vision of the Digital Single Market: “Consumers need to be able to buy the best products at the best prices, wherever they are in Europe.”

Riga Summit on the Multilingual Digital Single Market

Top government officials, business leaders, technology developers and language researchers will gather in Riga from April 27-29 to forge a unified vision for the multilingual digital single market.

ICT Conference 2013 (Vilnius) PARTICIPATION

LT-Innovate organised a Networking Session entitled "Language Technology: the Cornerstone Key Enabling Technology for the Digital Single Market" at the occasion of ICT 2013 (Vilnius, Lithuania) on 7 November at 18.00 hrs.


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