Membership of LT-Innovate 

By joining the LT-INNOVATE portal, you become a member of LT-Innovate, the Association of the Language Technology Industry. By paying a membership fee as PREMIUM or REGULAR MEMBER, you are entitled to full membership. Membership is always valid for one year, from 1 January to 31 December. It can be cancelled by informing the Executive Director. The cancellation will be effective as from the following year.

The LT-Innovate Board of Directors reserves itself the right to de-register or re-classify any person and/or organisation whom it considers as inappropriately registered.

General Conditions 

The present terms and conditions of use apply to the LT-INNOVATE portal at, including all tools and services administered by LT-INNOVATE in connection with the LT-INNOVATE portal. In using the portal, tools or services, you commit to comply with the present terms and conditions of use.

Intellectual Property Rights 

The LT-INNOVATE portal is based on the sharing and collaborative paradigm of Web 2.0. Thus, its content is open to the public according to the principles of Creative Commons non-commercial licence ( Where content is clearly identified as subject to copyright by the use of the symbol ©, the rights of the copyright owner(s) remain applicable. This is equally valid for content linked up from the LT-INNOVATE portal. Where in doubt, please contact the LT-INNOVATE Executive Director or the relevant copyright owner.

Unauthorized Use and Practices 

Users shall refrain from: 

  • Inserting into LT-INNOVATE any insulting or defamatory contents;
  • Inserting into LT-INNOVATE any pornographic materials or any content that violates any applicable legislation for the protection of minors;
  • Using the portal as a medium for spam; 
  • Employing any mechanisms, software or scripts other than interfaces or software provided by LT-INNOVATE itself when interacting with the portal; 
  • Obtaining unauthorised access to distribute or publicly disclose the restricted content that may be made available to closed user groups on the LT-INNOVATE portal; 
  • Performing any actions which may impair the operation of the LT-INNOVATE portal, particularly actions which may overload the portal infrastructure.

Personal Data

Data processing is not LT-INNOVATE's core activity. LT-INNOVATE adheres to REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 “General Data Protection Regulation” and in particular to the principles of Art. 5 thereof when collecting data other than business data. This happens at three occasions: 1. Organisations who register themselves as LT-Innovate members; 2. Individuals who register to attend an LT-INNOVATE event and 3. Individuals who register to receive LT-INNOVATE's newsletter and/or social media output. In all cases, only non-sensitive personal data are collected. The data thus collected may be displayed on-line either in LT-INNOVATE's Directory or event websites. The person providing the data can at any time access the data (either directly or via a secured personalised log-in mechanism) and change or erase it. By filling-in the join us form and/or other interactive features of the LT-INNOVATE portal and its related tools and services, a visitor grants LT-INNOVATE permission to save his or her personal information for the purpose of automated user profiling, customer management, market research and direct mail. The information provided can be transferred for these purposes to companies contractually connected with LT-INNOVATE, but not to 3rd parties for commercial use. You have the right to review your relevant personal information and can make corrections if applicable. You can direct your request to review, correct or revoke use of your information anytime in writing to the Executive Director. Revoking your consent will lead to the total erasure of your data. In any case of doubt about personal data processing, you may contact the Executive Director.

Automatically collected non-personal information 

LT-INNOVATE may collect anonymous or aggregated information, such as browser type or IP address, the operating system you use or domain name of the website from which you visited the LT-INNOVATE portal or to which you go when you leave LT-INNOVATE portals.


LT-INNOVATE is not a secure site and does not have an SSL certificate. Its URL shows an open lock and http rather than https. This is because it does not hold any sensitive personal data on its visitors whose privacy could be compromised. Any financial transactions are carried out via the secure third party application PayPal.

Links to other websites 

The LT-INNOVATE portal may contain hyperlinks/deep links to websites or web pages of third parties or other parties, or refer to them in some other way. LT-INNOVATE has no control over the content or other features of these websites or web pages and cannot be held liable in any way for the content or features thereof. LT-INNOVATE’s use of links does not in any way constitute implicit approval of the content of these websites or web pages.

Passwords and secure areas of the portal 

Users need a password to access certain restricted areas of the LT-INNOVATE portal. Entering these areas without a password is strictly prohibited. Once you have received such a password, you must keep this password secret and confidential. Each access and use of the LT-INNOVATE platform made after valid identification using your password shall be deemed to be committed by you. If LT-INNOVATE has reason to believe that the safety of the site is in jeopardy, LT-INNOVATE may delete your account.


The information, software, products and services that are offered on the LT-INNOVATE portal are collected and displayed with due diligence but may contain shortcomings of all kinds. LT-INNOVATE does not warrant for them in any way. The information is supplied and presented without any form of guarantee. LT-INNOVATE shall not be liable for possible viruses and rejects all liability for any damage these viruses may cause.

Applicable legislation and competent courts 

The LT-INNOVATE portal is governed by the laws of Belgium. In the event of disputes, the courts of Brussels (Belgium) have sole jurisdiction.