Dominique Deckmyn

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0032 2 467 2690
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As a journalist, I have covered new technology and its impact on business and on society for 20 years. The subject has never bored me. I have also closely followed the emergence of new media, using the Web as a professional tool since 1993 and switching to online reporting in 1998 and again in 2008. However, I keep returning to print, for some reason. Between 2000 and 2008 I founded and edited the magazines Smart Business Strategies and IT Professional. I then had a two year stint as a manager, running De Standaard Online. But middle management is not for me. So I returned to my roots as a reporter, now at the Media desk of De Standaard. One day, I hope to stumble on the ideal way to combine print, website, email, blog, RSS and other media into a next-generation information hub, or community, or whatever you would want to call it. I'm not there yet. Specialties: Recruiting and coaching journalists, launching print magazines and websites, spotting and evaluating media opportunities, getting innovative media projects done.

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The year of the bot
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This is the year that Artificial Intelligence finally comes out of the shadows. It has been a steadily increasing part of our lives for several decades, but that has only quite recently become really noticeable. Digital assistants have quickly moved from novelty to useful tool, and they will become an essential part of our lives very soon. Bots will be one of the major ways we interface with our information systems. And this is only the beginning.