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The Bayard Partnership is a multi-disciplinary group practice that supplies its clients with a broad range of expertise, mostly in the field of project, program and change management. In addition, we offer interim management in a variety of disciplines, business process improvement, ICT architecture and new product development as part of our total service portfolio.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries including: Finance, Petrochemical, Transport, Apparel, Retail, Telecommunications, IT, Medical, Food & Hospitality. Our smallest client employs less than 20 people, while our largest, over 35,000.

Founded 16 years ago, The Bayard Partnership has branches in Belgium and the UK and employs as many as 30 Contractors, Associates and Partners, each dedicated to delivering creative and sustainable solutions for their clients.

Due to the enquiring nature of our Partnership and our people, we at The Bayard Partnership are proud to associate ourselves with lt-Innovate and the important role it has in facilitating change in this critical area of technological development.