CLARIN ERIC is the governing and coordinating body of CLARIN (Common Languages Resources and Technology Infrastructure). It is a consortium of ca. 20 countries and intergovernmental organisations (and counting), represented by their ministries.
Members are Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dutch Language Union, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom as an observer. More countries are preparing for joining in the near future. The goal is to establish CLARIN as a research infrastructure covering all EU and associated states, with collaboration links with similar infrastructures in other countries in and outside Europe.
CLARIN provides easy and sustainable access for scholars in the humanities and social sciences to digital language data (in written, spoken, or multimodal form) and to advanced tools to discover, explore, exploit, annotate, analyse or combine this data, independently of where they are located. To this end, CLARIN is in the process of operating and extending a networked federation of European data repositories, service centres and centres of expertise, with single sign-on access for all members of the academic community in all participating countries. Tools and data from different centres will be interoperable, so that data collections can be combined and tools from different sources can be connected to perform complex operations to support researchers in their work.
CLARIN is a virtual or distributed organisation, with people working at many sites all across Europe. If you are looking for specific information about CLARIN that you cannot easily find on our website, or if you are looking for a person, for specific expertise, services or tools, we recommend that you contact the CLARIN ERIC Office via one of the following channels:
c/o Utrecht University
Drift 10
3512 BS Utrecht
The Netherlands