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HENSOLDT Analytics is a leading provider of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), media monitoring and analysis as well as automatic speech recognition (ASR) solutions. HENSOLDT Analytics' Media Mining System is a comprehensive end-to-end platform for OSINT analysts and decision makers which is able to extract information from multilingual unstructured multimedia data sources, analyze and turn them into actionable intelligence. With a global network of partners, HENSOLDT Analytics provides comprehensive solutions for vertical markets. Continuous innovation at the leading edge of research drives HENSOLDT Analytics’ vision of creating technologies that enable advanced analytic capabilities.

Located in Vienna - in the “heart of Europe” - HENSOLDT Analytics comprises a team of highly skilled professionals with a strong background in language technologies is committed to deliver outstanding performance and to maintain and extend the company’s leading position in the market. By creating high-end software for speech and multimedia analysis, HENSOLDT Analytics addresses the markets of media- and communication mining.

HENSOLDT Analytics products offer a wide range of innovative and highly effective business solutions which dramatically reduce costs, and provide services that are not feasible with traditional technology.