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0049 521 106-12249
Personal Bio

Philipp Cimiano is the head of the Semantic Computing Group at Bielefeld University. He is also affiliated with the Cognitive Interaction Technology Excellence Cluster. Before joining the University of Bielefeld, he was an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (2008-2009) and a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute AIFB of Universität Kalsruhe (TH). Philipp is mainly interested in topics at the intersection between knowledge representation and text processing including: text mining, computational semantics, information retrieval, question answering, ontology learning, ontology localization, etc. He is editorial board member of the Semantic Web Journal.


Presentation title: 
Social Media Analytics for Competitor Intelligence
Presentation description: 
The Semalytix GmbH is a spin-off of Bielefeld University and focuses on the development of semantic technologies for the analysis of social media and other sources of unstructured data. In this presentation, we will present our tool suite for the analysis of social media to support competitor intelligence scenarios. The technology is based on a question answering approach by which end users can subscribe to certain questions representing their information needs and which are evaluated over social media streams including Twitter. Moreover, we will describe current challenges that we are facing in developing solutions for supporting competitive intelligence in the domain of pharmaceutics.