LT-Innovate is the Language Technology Industry Association. It was founded in 2012. Its Founding Members are listed here.

LT-Innovate supports its members by:  

  • Promoting the industry as a whole in the most promising target markets;
  • Promoting Language Intelligence as driver of economic success, societal well-being and cultural integrity;
  • Supporting capacity development, portfolio pooling, productisation and platformisation to allow LT companies to stand a better chance in global markets;
  • Sharing knowledge, leveraging the usage of key resources / infrastructures / tools, and pooling complementary skills / capacities for market development;
  • Supporting the public policy-making process and influencing all relevant high-level policy documents, regulations and support programmes that affect the LT sector and its markets;
  • Building the case for a language-neutral digital content and communication market in Europe and globally.

For more details see Membership Benefits.

Membership in LT-Innovate is open to any organisation or individual with an interest in language technology.
Current members of the LT-Innovate Board of Directors are listed here.

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